Aerocopter has long-term partnership with the Kremenchug Flight College of the National Aviation University of Ukraine, that provides pilots training on AK 1-3 helicopters.

DURATION of education, hours
Theoretical practice, hours (classroom and simulator) Flight practice, hours
1. For private pilot (PPL) for beginners 166 (42 days) 45 (28 days)
2. Retraining on АК1-3 type (for owners of PPL and CPL) 40 (10 days) 5 (2-3 days)
3. Retraining on type AK1-3 for Instructor (FI)* 200 SM (320 km) 5% reserves +25 (21 days)*
4. Aircraft technician ** 40 theory (10 days) +40 practice (12-14 days)  

  *   - additional practice after retraining program, FI status required
  ** - aviation technician/engineer diploma required (not available for the beginners)

Duration in days counted approximately in calendar days and is for common information only.

Theoretical practice: 6-8 hours per day
Flight practice: 2-2,5 hours per day

College provide world standards of education:
  •   - Medical attestation (JAR-FCL3 certificate)
  •   - International licenses (PPL or CPL)
  •   - English, Spanish and Russian languages
Types of aircrafts, for which provides education:

AK1-3, Мі-2, Мі-8, Мі-8МТВ, Ка-32, Мі-26Т

Theoretical program for PPL:

1. Air law and ATM procedures (ATM – Aircraft Transportability Manual)
2. General knowledge of helicopters and aviation engines
3. General knowledge of avionics
4. Flight performance and gliding flight
5. Human factor
6. Meteorology
7. Navigation
8. Maintenance procedures
9. Helicopter flight principles
10. VFR radio communication

Kremenchug Flight College

17/16 Pobedy St.,
Kremenchug 39620 UKRAINE

Commercial department:
+38-0536-63-01-21 (tel)
+38-0536-72-98-55 (tel)